Monday, May 27, 2013

Tankers in and out.

The pace at the Nustar Oil terminal seems to have picked up as of late. The 298,000dwt tanker Overseas Sakura made it departure on the morning of the 26th  and a short time later the 274 meter long Rio Grande steamed in and was docked at the recently vacated Ocean Berth One.Also out in the Inhabitants Bay Anchorage the tanker FPMC 21 is awaiting space at the Nustar Berth.
Anyone watching the undockingof the Rio Grande were given an added treat as the pilot 'swung the compass  "to the delight of several local photographers.

The Superport marine Services tug Strait Raven assisted the Tony mackay into Canso lock on its way to P.E.I. APA pilot capt. Elias Dorey was in the Tony MacKays' wheelhouse.
The Mckeil owned tug and barge will be sent on a run between Belledune N.B. and the magdallen islands hauling armor stone.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 24th Foggy approaches and departures

The day started early with the tug Ocean Echo II and its barge Betsiamitis coming from the north and transitting Canso lock bound for the Port Hawkesbury Paper Mill Dock with APA  Capt. Tony Pierce in the tugs wheelhouse. It was carrying a big cargo of wood chips.

Foggy weather seems to dominating the visibility for most vessel traffic on May 24th. APA pilot Capt. Elias Dorey departed the anchorage in Chedabucto Bay with the crude oil tanker Oversaes Sakura at 1000h yesterday and made a cautious approach due to the thick fog .Fog horns were sounding and eventually he pulled out of the mist just down from Eddy Point where the tugs Svitzer Bedford ,Point Chebucto and Point Valiant were waiting to go alongside and provide escort in the Strait to Nustar.
At around the same time the tanker Holmen was departing Inhabitants Bay India Anchorage after an Asian Gypsy moth Inspection by the good folk from CFIA.
Next in was the bulk carrier Turicum bound for the Nova Scotia Power Coal Dock at Point Tupper.

The docking was delayed til 2 of the 3 tugs working the Overseas Sakura were released  by Pilot Dorey and the Point Chebucto and Point Valiant gently nudged the Turicum to its berth.
At the Nustar inside Berth  the tanker Gotland MarieAnn continued blending and loading product.
In Chedabucto Bay Anchorages the crude oil tanker Rio Grande is awaiting space at Nustar berth One and the FPMC 21 at Berth 2.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Eagle Bostons' final trip .

A black thick o' fog enveloped the Chedabucto Bay and Canso Strait area creating visibility problems for photographers and causing incoming vessels to go to anchor. At 1030h this morning APA pilot Capt. Chuck MacDonald took the Eagle Boston off the Nustar Dock for what is its final departure from the Strait area..Sources tell me the contract with the Eagle boats is up and we'll be seeing more of the Spirit vessels plying our waters.
The crude tanker Overseas Sakura was making its way in to Nustar at 1000h with APA pilot Capt. Scott MacDonald aboard and after conferencing with the vessels Master it was decided to go to anchor until visibility improves.It will sit at Anchorage Alpha in Chedabucto Bay with the pilot on board  for a bit in hopes of the fog lifting.
The oil products tanker Gotland MarieAnn is docked at the inside berth at Nustar .

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bulkers in and out and a nice yacht.

The day was beautiful for photographing vessel movements in the Strai area today.First up was the CSL Argosy departing the Martin Marietta Materials Porcupne Mtn Quarry dock at Aulds Cove bound for Port Manatee Fla. with about 60,000 metric tons of aggregate.
 Pilot in Charge was Capt. Elias Dorey of West Arichat. he took it off the dock  about 0830h. and steamed south keeping over to the M
ulgrave side.
     At the same time Capt. Tony Pierce was bringing the bulk carrier Caroline Oldendorff in from Anchorage Foxtrot in Chedabucto Bay to the Quarry dock to be loaded. Both inbound and outbound passed port to port around checkpoint 8..
 The tug Svitzer Bedford with Capt. Jean Gallant in charge  was called upon to assist with the Caroline Oldendorffs' berthing and being the courteous man that he is Capt. Gallant waited until the pleasure yacht Perseverence II had safely passed by the tug base before proceeding out in the stream to await the incoming bulker.
Just before the Caroline Oldendorff docked the yacht bound for Quebec City transitted Canso Lock.

One of the happy looking passengers on the yacht even gave a nice wave to the intrepid photographers.
Out in Chedabucto bay the coal top-off operation with the Hermina and Csl Acadian will be done as the pilots have been firmed up for a 1930h departure to sea. Also inbound and expected is the cape size bulker KM Osaka ,the tanker Americas Spirit scheduled for Nustar Berth One  and the Pacific Quartz is due at the south pilot station for approximately 0030 on the 21st possibly docking at Nustar Berth 2.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ship comings and goings .

APA pilot Capt. Rick Hanlon boarded the bulk carrier Aurora Venus from the Strait Rider normally a lines boat of all trades used by Superport Marine Services in this area due to the fact that both pilot vessels the Strait Falcon and Strait Eagle are on the disabled list..Also filling doing double duty is the new tug Strait Raven..The Aurora Venus came in during the early morning hours of May 19th and was anchored in Inhabitants bay for a CFIA Gypsy moth inspection before proceeding on to Sept Isle Quebec.

About the same time as the Aurora Venus was heading out into Chedabucto Bay the pilot boat was putting Capt Elias Dorey on the incoming bulk carrier CSL Acadian which would eventually go alongside the cape size bulker Hermina for a coal topoff operation
    .Also waiting out in Anchorage Foxtrot is the bulker Caroline Oldendorff  awaiting berth space at the quarry dock in Aulds Cove once the CSL Argosy is finished  and departs for Jacksonville Fla.
     The coast guard vessel Edward Cornwallis departed mulgrave  about 1600h this afternoon and i managed to get some nice photos of it highlighted by the late afternoon sun as it passed by the industries in Point Tupper.

Friday, May 17, 2013

CSL Argosy returns and Algoscotia at Nustar.

The 149m x24m tanker Algoscotia was taking on oil products at the Nustar inside berth when I managed to get a few quick photos of it.I believe its been awhile since it was in here.At the same time  the bulk carrier CSL Argosy was at the NS Power coal dock delivering a part load of coal for Savage the company who operate the terminal.

At 1200h APA pilot Capt.Scott MacDonald undocked at the CSL Argosy  from NS Power and set sail for the quarry dock at Aulds Cove. Assisting with the berthing was the tug Svitzer Bedford  with Capt. Jean Gallant at the controls.

After the CSL Argosy was docked the Svitzer Bedford crew did a water cannon test of their firefighting equipment just off the Canso Causeway which caused a number of motorists to honk in approval of the impressive display.
Other vessels departing were the Strait Signet and Strait Exploer headed to Halifax I believe.
The tanker Algoscotia also departed Nustar 2 in the early evening.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tugs and barges.

The Mckeil Marine owned tug Tony MacKay with its tow the Labrador Spirit was met by the pilot launch Strait Rider conveying APA pilot Capt. Elias Dorey @ 1220h to assist in its transit of Canso Lock and eventual docking in Mulgrave while it awaits its turn to load at the Quarry dock.
The newly built tug Strait Raven was tasked with assisting the transit and docking.and it appears that Superport Marine Services has the contract with Mckeils'.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Harmen Oldendorff shifts to the quarry at Aulds Cove.

At 1000h APA pilot Capt. Mike Langdon boarded the 225m x 32 m self-discharging bulk carrier Harmen Oldendorff at the NS Power coal dock in Pt. Tupper and moved up the Strait to the Martin Marietta Materials Quarry loading dock in Aulds Cove.
When fully loaded the vessel will depart for Jacksonville Fla.. with 58,600 tons of construction aggregate.
The tug Point Valiant with Capt. Andrea MacDonald in charge asisst

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunny weather and good photo ops around the Strait.

A foggy morning start on the Strait and the tug Tony MacKay departed the dock at Mulgrave with the barge Labrador Spirit  bound for the Quarry loading dock at Aulds Cove.. APA pilot Capt. Elias Dorey was assisting with move. Superport Marine Services' newest vessel the tug Strait Raven was used for the undocking and docking at Aulds Cove.The tug and barge are supposed to depart at 2100h this eveningThe tanker Energy Power is still alongside the Nustar inside berth,

The Coast Guard vessel Edward Cornwallis departed Mulgrave this mornig and headed south passing through a small hanging fogbank just off Nustar.
At 1500h APA pilot Capt. Evan MacDonald boarded the bulker Harmen Oldendorff which was headed to the NS Power coal dock assisted by the tug Svitzer Bedford with Capt. Vernon Turple and crew. From there it will move to the quarry dock ..