Thursday, July 18, 2013

Smaller tankers and the Evans McKeil

Yesterday the 179mx28m oill products tanker verseas Alcmar departed the Nustar Inside berth bound for Boston mass with 311,000 barrels of gasoline just in time for the increase in prices..very time
The tug Evans McKeil had returned with the barge Labrador Spirit for another 9600 tons of gravel for delivery to Charlottetown.They may return for another load in the near future and would likely take it to the Magdalen Islands.

The CSL Acadian arrived yesterday evening and is in Chedabucto Bay awaiting the arrival of the Cape Venture to do a coal topoff.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Atlantic Teak departs with 2 barges.

Barge shuffling began around 0600h this morning when the Atlantic Teak shuttled the barge Atlantic Marlin ex  Boabarge 18 thru the canso canal to the north wall.It then returned to Mulgrave and hooked onto the Atlantic Swordfish  ex Boabarge 17 and retraced their steps to the north wall again where the two barges were put on the towline and they're headed to Becancouer Qc.

The Sheila Ann came in late on the 3rd to the Martin Marietta dock to load gravel.
It should be finished loading and departing possibly around noon on Saturday the 6th.At the dock in port Hawkesbury the mckeil owned tug Florence M. stop off for some stores before heading to Deception Bay Quebec.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another coal transfer and busy at the quarry.

The summer seems to bring out more tug and tow activity all over.As I understand it there will be a lot of barges heading north  from Quebec. The Atlantic Teak sailed into the Strait on the July 1st with APA pilot Capt. Scott MacDonald on duty and the barge Atlantic Swordfish was docked at Mulgrave. Sources tell me the barges Atlantic Swordfish and Atlantic Marlin will be taken to Quebec and used for hauling supplies to the north.

meanwhile the bulk carrier C.Atlas came in to  Inhabitants Bay on July 1st for its Asian gypsy Moth inspection before proceeding upriver.
The bulk carrier K. Daphne was anchored in Chedabucto Bay at Anchorage Charlie and was joined a day or so later by the CSL Acadian which topped it off with coal bound for the Orient.
Both the topoff vessels have scheduled pilots for  this morning at 0730h to depart the anchorage for sea.
At the Martin Marietta Materials Quarry loading dock the Caroline Oldendorff is finishing up  and is expected to depart this morning around 1130h.
The tug Evans Mckeil will take its place at the berth after it sails in from Prince Edward Island with the gravel barge Labrador Spirit for a load and go and the berth won't be empty long before the Sheila Ann comes in from the Chedabucto Bay Anchorage to load.
Last evening the crew of the tug Atlantic Fir treated onlookers to a fire monitor test just off the Port Hawkesbury dock.
The Caroline Oldendorff departed the Martin Marietta dock with 58,799 tons of gravel for Jacksonville Florida and Nassau Bahamas. Pilot onboard was Capt. Scott MacDonald.
The tug Evans mckeil is scheduled to depart the quarry dock at 2300h headed thru the locks and on to P.E.I.. will be moved in from the outer anchorage .
The bulker Sheila Ann will be moved in from the outer anchorage to commence loading at the Aulds Cove quarry after midnight .The tug Atlantic Teak is expected to begin moving the barges Atlantic marlin and Atlantic Swordfish to the north side of Canso Lock around 0600h of the 4th.The tug will then depart with the 2 barges for Quebec.