Thursday, March 27, 2014

Windy weather and all the fun ...

A couple of fine days preceeded the arrival of the big snow and windstorm that has hammered us and most of Atlantic Canada.Fine weather greeted the bulk carrier Marto for its arrival in the late afternoon of the 25th and it made its way to the coal dock at NS Power under the guidance of APA pilot Chuck MacDonald.Assisting in its berthing were the tugs Point Chebucto and Svitzer Bedford.

At about 0400h this morning (the 27th) the Captain was talking to Canso traffic about having distress as all his lines had parted and they were adrift.The tugs normally based in Point Tupper had moved off their berths to go to Mulgrave and Port Hawkesbury and a very alert tugmaster heard the call,roused the other tugmasters n crews and in a very short span of time steamed at full speed to aid of the vessel and crew.
  It is my understanding that the Marto was within 30 meters of the Nustar Dock when she fetched up on her anchor and the 3 highly skilled Tugmasters  and their able crews can be VERY  proud as they helped avert a disaster here in the Strait with their timely arrival.Well done All.
One a quieter note a couple of vessels paid calls to our area  for AGM inspection before proceeding up the St. Lawrence.

The Berge Atlantic was anchored in Inhabitants Bay at India Anchorage and the Golden Ice sat in the middle of the Strait off Pirate Hbr.

Also visiting our area was the oil products tanker Miss Mariarosaria which tied up at the outside of the the Nustar dock.

The Harmen Oldendorff also called in with its partial cargo of coal to the NS Power dock then shifted up to the quarry dock in Aulds Cove .Weather of course hampered the loading of aggregates but is expected to resume one the high winds abate.
The Nordanhav has been alongside discharging cargo at Port Hawkesbury Papers' dock.At the time of writing it is my understanding that the Marto is headed to  Chedabucto Bay escorted by the Point Chebucto to anchor  .
The Ryan Leet which was based in Mulgrave is expected back in a few days after delivering the John1 to Argentia NL  aided by the Atlantic Fir .The John 1 has a flooded engine room with between 7 to 9 meters of seawater due to a failed seachest.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Rt. Hon. Paul E. Martin departs...

  APA pilot Rick Hanlon was tasked to take the self-unloading bulker the Rt.Hon.Paul E.Martin off the dock at Mulgrave last night the 14th of March shortly after 2230h. The vessel has been alongside the dock since being moved from the NS Power coal dock in Point Tupper.
   The tug Atlantic Fir  steamed up the Strait with Capt. Joey Myalls at the helm and is providing escort for the big bulker as it slowly makes its way to Shelburne N.S. for engine repairs.The ship and escort will be heading in to Halifax around midnight to get out of a system advancing along our coast.After the system passes it will resume its journey to Shelburne.
       Loading aggregates at the quarry in Aulds Cove  for delivery to the Tampa Florida area area is the ACR owned self-unloader Hon. Henry Jackman.
    The Jackman had been delayed getting here due to thick ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence which beset the vessel several times on its way in to and out of Belledune N.B. and its transit across the Gulf.
  At the Nustar inside berth is the oil products tanker Isola Coraalo which last paid a visit here in May of 2013 and was berthed that time on the outside of the Nustar dock.
   The offshore tug Ryan leet that had been alongside the Strait Superport dock in Mulgrave awaiting work and getting some maintenance done has been dispatched to tow the disabled cargo vessel John 1 which according to reports has a flooded engine room.It is supposed to be brought to Sydney.
     The Isola Corallo is expected to depart Nustar sometime after 2300h tonight and the Americas Spirit is tentatively expected at the pilot station on the morning of the 16th .
    Meanwhile out in Chedabucto Bay the Sparta is being topped off by the self-unloader Baldock and is expected to be completed around midnight.
     *** According to CBC News  the cargo vessel John 1 has run aground about 1.6 km.. from Rose Blanche Nfld. and the 23 person crew is being airlifted by a Cormorant helicopter based in Gander Nfld.High winds in the area caused ferry sailings to be cancelled.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

SCF Baikal returns.

        At 1100h on March the 8th APA pilot Mike Langdon boarded the SCF Baikal at the outer pilot station to bring it to the Nustar Ocean Berth One in Point Tupper.Assisting were the 3 point tupper based Svitzer owned tugs the Svitzer Bedford  with Tugmaster Vernon Turple at the helm,the Point Valiant under the command of Tugmaster Danny Provost and the Point Chebucto with Tugmaster Jerry Maltby in the wheelhouse.
     On their out to join up with the inbound SCF Baikal the 3 tugs passed the NS Lotus anchored in Inhabitants Bay awaiting orders to go to Nustar.
The SCF Baikal is scheduled to depart this evening from its berth @1930h and the NS Lotus will leave the anchorage about the same time.
     Anyone driving near the Strait on Feb.27th would have been treated to the sight of the Svitzer Bedford conducting Fi-Fi tests  after departing Mulgrave. Tugmaster Jean Gallant was at the helm for ths event.
   The self-unloading bulker Alice Oldendorff  returned to the Strait area yesterday evening around 1800h with APA pilot Scott MacDonald onboard.Pilot MacDonald was unable to disembark after departing Sydney due to heavy ice and stayed aboard for its trip to the Strait Area.
Assisting with the docking of the Alice Oldendorff  was the tug Svitzer Bedford with Tugmaster Vernon Turple at the helm.