Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time for Crab!!!!!!

Its crab season!!If only the weather could co-operate.Some boats are still gearing up. Eskasoni just got delivery of its new boat Dr Albert Aqq Dr Murdena which is about 5 feet in the difference to its 2 sisters Uncle Roddie Gould(2013) and Charlie Joe Dennis(2012)

Dr. Albert Aqq Dr. Murdena arriving at her homeport for the first time from D'eon Boatbuilders in Pubnico, N.S.

                              Dr. Albert Aqq Dr. Murdena
Official Number: 838004
Hull # 70
Port Of registry: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Gross Tonnage: 58.26 Tons
Lenght: 14.96 (m)
Breadth: 8.06(m)
Depth: 3.02 (m)

Sheltering from the wind for a few days!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tanker traffic is picking up..A good sign.

Local tugs, pilot vessels,lines boats  and lines crews have been getting work lately with a spate of tankers in and out at the Nustar Dock in Point Tupper.The Hellas Endurance paid a visit and was docked at Nustars'  inside berth.

It was good to see the Strait E
agle back on duty after some maintainence work at Superport Marine .Both pilot vessels have been  busy shuttling ice advisors out to vessels headed upriver.

The 273m x50m crude oil tanker Ephesos paid a visit late on the 18th and departed on the 20th of April.
The Asian Spirit 269m x44m made another return visit and went alongside Nustar s' outside berth and departed about 1630h on the 21st to Anchorage India with APA pilot Tony Pierce on the bridge.The vessel had an engine issue and was prevented from departing until it was resolved.By the looks of things that matter was taken care of to all official satisfaction and the vessel has departed the Canso Traffic Zone.

After the Asian Spirit cleared out the Australian Spirit slipped in .APA pilot Scott MacDonald was pilot in charge.It is expected to depart this evening.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fishing season starting to pick up!!

It has been a busy March and April promises to be just as busy.The shrimp, Cod and Halibut boats are on the move.We have had as many as 8 fishing so far.4 from New Brunswick, 2 from Nova Scotia and 1 from Newfoundland..  The Island Provider and Chief Blair Francis are supplying the new shrimp plant in Arichat.The New Brunswick boats supply their plant in Northern New Brunswick.Not since 2005 have we had ice invade the harbour. It moved in last week but has moved out this past Saturday.Crab season is just about ready to go as long as the ice stays away.

Marc-Andre Guillaume-Dominic Francis

Fundy Leader- Cod

Island Provider- Shrimp

Chief Blair Francis-Shrimp

Dominic Francis- Shrimp

Luc Yves- Shrimp

Atlantic Prospect- Halibut

Friday, April 4, 2014

Better weather of late...

Well since our last  utterances things(weather-wise) have been changing for the better and its sure to warm up us frozen souls living here and those seafaring folk who have to venture in our safe waters.
    The bulk carrier Marto made a second trip to the NS Power coal dock to complete unloading its cargo.Their previous attempt was interupted with a spate of big winds,parted lines and quick trip to the outer anchorage.The good folk folk at Superport Marine Services of Port Hawkesbury retrieved the errant lines ,neatly folded and put them in order and delivered out to the ship at anchor where it was hoisted aboard much to the delight of the ships' crew and officers.
       The Marto finally departed the NS Power coal dock shortly after 1200h on April the 2nd with APA pilot Tony Pierce directing lines and tug boats.Tugs assisting the manouver were the Svitzer Bedford with Tugmaster Vern Turple in the wheelhouse and the tug Point Valiant  with Tugmaster Jerry Maltby on the controls.

Capt. Paul Ryan had command of the pilot vessel Strait Falcon which eventually retrieved pilot Pierce at the inner pilot station in Chedabucto Bay.

    Also paying our area a visit was the cargo vessel Cos Prosperity which was neatly anchored in the Strait at the Pirate Harbour Anchorage from where it departed at about 1800h on the 2nd of April.APA pilot and port Hood native Evan MacDonald was pilot on board for the vessels departure.
The crude oil tanker NS Lotus was alongside the Nustar outside dock loading about 523,000 barrels of crude oil which was being sent to a refinery in Bayway New Jersey. APA pilot Tony Pierce was in charge of the undocking and and safe passage to the outer pilot station escorted by the tug Svitzer Bedford.
Presently alongside at the inside berth at Nustar in Point Tupper is the gasoline tanker Cartagena which tied up on Thursday morning the 3rd of April.APA pilot Scott macDonald was pilot in charge assisted by the tugs Svitzer Bedford with Tugmaster Vern Turple in control and the Point chebucto with Tugmaster Derek King on the controls.

Superport Marine Services linesboats Strait Rider and Strait Pilot were tasked to do the line handling .